Pharma Artwork Services

Pharma Artwork Service

As a leading provider of creative services in print, digital media & specialist in artwork, labeling and design for pharmaceutical and medicinal packaging. We offer a full suite of services to help accelerate your business.
We also provide complete solutions in Digital Image Production. We have combined process expertise and a technology backbone to create a unique on-demand Virtual Studio solution for our customers. We are 100% independent, focused and dedicated to providing specialist support.

Pharmaceutical packaging artworks & labelling experts

We are specialists in creating high quality pharmaceutical packaging artworks & print ready files for any piece of medicinal packaging or medical device.

For example:
  • Folding boxes/cartons
  • Patient information leaflets (PIL) / Information for users (IFU)
  • Booklets
  • Blisters
  • Tubes
  • Sachets
  • Bespoke symbols or pictograms
  • Pouches and outserts

Key Features

Quality First : We believe in to creative the beauty and quality first. The quantity will follow.

Highly Secured and confidential : As a service provider the confidential information shall be used only for rendering the service. We will maintain confidential information confidential, protect it from unauthorised, use, reproduction, access and damage or destruction.

cGMP Protocol : We follow all Current pharmaceutical artwork legislations and GMP standards met

Team Leads and members: : We have more than 50 experienced and professional team members are working on various projects.

Online Proof Reading: : Proofreading tools can root out human-errors to a great extent. A tool like an online spell-checker is helpful for proofreading industry-specific content. It highlights all the wrong spellings in the packaging artwork and suggests corrections. And, helps avoid spelling mistakes which can lead to serious legal implications in pharmaceutical packaging labels.

Audits and Inspection : Our teams are trained and experienced for regulatory, internal and external audits.

Our Capacity

  • Complete understanding and up-to-date knowledge of all relevant legislations including MHRA, EMEA and US FDA requirements
  • Well-designed SOPs for all production processes
  • Proficient in Esko and Adobe software
  • Multilanguage capabilities – all European, Arabic, South Asian, Japanese, Chinese and Indian languages
  • Robust IT systems and data security standards
  • Workflow management solution to interface between the brand owner and service provider

Our Specialty

  • Multi languages
  • Multiple markets
  • Multiple branding

We have got it covered; whether it's the combination of markets, varying trade names & Branding, various packaging components – Creative Castle has the capacity and specialized expertise that you need.

Our Procedure

For Artwork

  • Execute annotations or paginate job as per the word file/template specifications Create Braille, Barcodes and Material ID
  • Incorporate process color, PMS color and special color such as Special Varnish, UV colors etc.
  • Creating certified PDF through a preflight software

For Inserts and Bookletsk

  • Cleaning the initial text for any kind of extra word, line, spaces and colors
  • Flowing text as per template specifications
  • Manual/thorough digital check
  • Creating certified PDF through a preflight software

Quality Control

  • Perform manual proofreading with standard proofreading marks Escalation with respective coordinators in case of question
  • Digital proofreading commensurate with manual proofreading, we use two digital tools namely Text Verification Tool X and Digital-Page (ver. 2.5). This will accelerate the proofreading procedure

How safe is your Data

Our Safety procedures

  • Our Firewall/Router is capable to block the non secured links
  • Prohibited to use Phones or similar equipment's while working. Users are not allowed to use any type of Portable Drives to copy the data, all ports are disabled
  • Internet connections are provided mainly to the servers, normal users are not allowed to access
  • Our two networks are WAN and LAN which is separate and a normal user always connects to the LAN
  • Data is shared through a dedicated file server. Each user in the domain infrastructure has his own permission to access the data

Server & Network

Server Environment : The server environment is on the fault tolerant Window Server domain

Critical Services : The data and domain servers, which are critical to the operations, are designed to ensure Zero down time. If any of the machine fails, the other automatically picks up the load

Network Environment : The network consists of Gigabit Ethernet hardware running TCP/IP. The Ethernet provides 1000 Mbps access. The network is connected to the internet backbone via a 100 Mbps dedicated optical fibre leased line