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Support And Maintenance

We understand how critical it is for the businesses to not only have a website but also to have it regularly maintained and updated. Even the most planned websites would require a continuous support and maintenance to enhance and extend the life of the website.

As technologies evolve, website applications and environments grow more complex, it pays to have a partner like Pycas Innovations on your side. Our team of highly trained and technically competent engineers will ensure your website meets its objective and improve its capabilities.

We will work with clients to understand their business objectives and will be around to provide rapid response during emergencies. Our services can also be extended to include 24/7/365.

Pycas Innovations also provides various enterprise website application maintenance support model specifically tailor made for enterprise clients. These models come included with US based on-shore account management team.

Our Account Managers would possess great consultative skills, normally have deep domain knowledge, good product knowledge, and work with client's to truly understand their ecosystem. The role of our Account manager is so designed to mitigate any risk and to be available on shore (US) as point of contact during emergency and escalation. He will also conduct monthly account review with the client.

Why Pycas Innovations Maintenance And Support Services?

  • High availability web support team at a fraction of cost compared to having your own on premise team
  • Dedicated team with technical competence across different technologies
  • Fully trained quality team with keen eye for details will test every single update
  • 24x7 Rapid response for emergency
  • We understand and maintain websites on a variety of hosting environments
  • We provide staging environment in our own server for all clients

What Website Maintenance And Support We Can Provide?

  • General Development Services
  • UI Development (HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, etc. )
  • Content Changes & Updates
  • Bug Fixes
  • QA, Cross Browser Testing & Site Performance Optimization
  • Minor Enhancements
  • Advice on usage of the CMS
  • Security Updates & Minor Upgrades
  • Code Deployment

Types Of Website Maintenance And Support Plans

Bucket Hours

This type of support is suitable for ongoing support of the existing application or system and minor features development.

Annual/Monthly Retainer

This type of support is suitable for ongoing support of the existing application or system and minor features development. The difference from the previous type is that you will get a dedicated support engineer working on your request almost every time you raise a request - making it less time consuming and quick turnaround.

24/7 Emergency Support

With our Pycas Innovations 24/7 proactive monitoring services, be assured that our team of experts are monitoring your application and server proactively using latest tools to detect and address issues before they lead to disruptive downtime. And when server or application problems do occur, our continuous monitoring ensures that we address them quickly. A convenient monthly flat rate is billed every month.

Get Started!

Thank you for getting started. Talk to our consultants to know more about our process and services - you will learn the difference!

  • FTE Resources

    Reap all of the benefits of a full-time technical team while avoiding the obligation of a dedicated staff.

  • Support Plans

    Gain peace of mind knowing that development help is only a phone call away with our flexible support plans.